September 3, 2016

Manly Man Birthday Cookies

My Dad is the best. His birthday party was a great family reunion where we played games and the kids won lots of candy and prizes. I made these tool cookies with stenciled woodgrain handles and shiny silver metal parts because my Dad can fix or build anything.
The Happy Birthday plaques were more woodgrain and so glossy!

Then I put them with some more birthday theme cookies - cupcakes, candles, hearts, ice cream cones. Everything got a little airbrushing on the edges for some aging.
I love this set! It was fun to make and give to the best Dad ever. Love you Dad!


  1. Great cookies for Dad! I love him too!

  2. Wow, these Manly Man Birthday Cookies are looking just adorable. Well, we are going to have a fun party at best party LA venue and have hired Mexican food catering service along with candy bar. I would also like to make these cookies too.