March 9, 2015

Dogwood Blossoms

I am so ready for SPRING!! 
We've had some really nice, warm and sunny days so maybe, just maybe, SPRING is almost here.
 Dogwood blossoms always remind me of my Mom. I don't know why. 
I think she likes them. 
 These pink blossoms have a little pink on the edges and a pile of green sprinkles in the center on top of some very light green sprayed on color.
Makes me long for real blossoms and Spring even more!

Black Lace Hearts

The black lace on these hearts was done with the brush embroidery technique. It was a test to see if my favorite corn syrup glaze would work. I think it was a success!
 Then I airbrushed the black lacy designs over the red and pink. These were my favorite Valentine cookies this year!

Valentine Mail

Happy Valentine's Day!
I did these little envelopes and hearts and I heart U cookies to go in this adorable little mailbox.
I did a bit of airbrushing to add some shading.

Snowmen & Snowflakes

This was a fun set to do. I played with the airbrush and added some stenciled patterns to the mittens and some blue to the snowmen.

 The snowflakes were really whimsical and added more color to the set.

February 8, 2015

Nativity Cookies

In December, our church puts on a Nativity display. It is an amazing collection of nativities from all over the world that are loaned from many local members. I have a small collection of nativities and have wanted to make nativity cookies for several years. I had imagined little pieces all intricately decorated like the Holy Family, Shepherds, Wisemen, and all the animals. Maybe I'll get to that someday, but for the event this year, I went the easier route. I airbrushed the blue backgrounds then stenciled the stable scene and star in royal icing. I thought adding the glittery disco dust to the star gave them a little more sparkle. The red poinsettias and green holly cookies were the perfect setting for the fancy nativity cookies.

Happy 50th Anniversary Cookies!

Hello, world! I've been in cookie limbo for a long time. I've done a few cookie sets we need to catch up on. Here's the prettiest of the bunch.
I made these for my wonderful in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary. I used my new airbrush and a lacy stencil to add some gold shimmer. They were beautiful in person. The glittery 50's were so pretty!