November 19, 2012

Turkeys for Turkey Day!

 Gobble, gobble, gobble!
Isn't this guy cute?!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Eagles for an Eagle Court of Honor

This is the last of a whole batch of eagles - I forgot to take pictures before they were eaten! I'm so happy to make these for Scouts who've earned their Eagle Award!
Congrats to Porter!

Stenciled Wedding Cookies

I am hooked on stenciling cookies. I made the designs and the monogram on my computer and cut them out of plastic with my Silhouette machine. Then I used royal icing on top of the glaze and like magic. . . beautiful romantic cookies!
I made this set of cookies for our dear friends' daughter's wedding reception. She asked lots of friends to bring cookies for a cookie table and I couldn't resist doing something fancy!
Congratulations to Giselle and her sweetie!

Pink Pearl Hearts

 These little hearts went to my Mom for Mother's Day! I found a plate in the glass pattern she collects and piled the pearly pink cookies on it. I piped a little border on them and dusted them with a little silver luster dust. I think she liked them!

Purple Polka Dots!

 These hearts were so fun to make. I had bought a purple polka dot robe to send to Leslie. It had white ruffles and was a cookie inspiration! I got almost a perfect match with the purple icing and the ruffles made them sweet and girly.  
I could do ruffles on everything - I love them!

A+ Apples

These apple cookies were for the end of the school year.
I made the cutter for them and played around with using royal icing for the writing and leaf details.
I like using glaze, but it just doesn't hold a shape like royal icing. What a fun treat for a whole class of kids!