January 29, 2012

A Cookie Update

It's been months since my last post. I am a better cookie maker than website manager. So here's a quick review of my recent cookies.

I made quite a few BYU Y cookies and football cookies this year.

Does this little lady look familiar?
I had another order for these cuties with flowers - one of my favorite cookie combinations to make.

I made 115 of these boot favors for a country wedding.
I made my own cutter - these are 5 1/2 inches tall! 
I also colored the sugar pearls with a silvery spray.
This order was a challenge and I was glad to get it done!

Our Halloween decorating class - bats, cats, and skull & crossbones.
 I found some super cute Halloween bowls bowls for some half-dozen gifts.
I love those little waving ghosts and the cheery jack-o-lanterns!

And finally, (please forgive the cell phone picture) these swirly, spotty, and stripey ornaments were the samples for my Christmas decorating class. I really like the wet-on-wet swirled technique on these. And the pink and white and green are just so sweet.

And after that, my oven quit working, I was sick, Christmas happened, and I took a break from cookies. Now I have a new oven, I'm perfectly healthy, Valentine's Day is coming and...

I'm choosing to limit my baking. I have decided to change this site to a cookie gallery. I will only be showing off some of my favorite cookies. Right now, I'm not taking orders from new customers.