May 8, 2011

For My Mom

 I've been wanting to try this brush embroidery technique for awhile so I had to make them for my own Mom. She is my example and my friend. She thinks I can do anything. So these cookies are an example of how she still influences me. I saw other cookie makers doing this technique and thought "I can do that!" I get that attitude from her. 
 I looked at lots of pictures and watched a great tutorial. (There are some really talented cookie makers out there!) And I came up with these.  
 At first, I wasn't sure I liked them, but when I came back later, I LOVED them. I sent them to my amazing Mom and she loves them too! Thanks for all the encouragement, Mom!
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in my life! 


  1. And they tasted so good!!! Love you Teresa! And yes, you can do anything! I love these cookies. Love you!

  2. Your Mom has had that effect on me as well. Those cookies are beautiful.