August 28, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween Yet?

I was looking for my pumpkin cookie cutter and couldn't find it so I just had to go get one! I found a whole bunch of Halloween cuties at Michael's. And they had black & orange sugar! I had lots of fun with these, but I can't believe it's already time to plan for Halloween! Yikes!
These are minis - love them! The black cats and the skulls are my favorites!
And these are on their way to Amy's kiddos in California. Miss you guys! Hope you like them.

August 21, 2010

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

These are for Mike in Boston! Go KU!

Strawberries for Traci

These are for Traci in Topeka. Hope you like them!

August 20, 2010

Mary's 60th Birthday Party

Our family does BIG Birthdays. Mom's 60th was a real treat to plan. My sister, Amy, and I made the treats for the dessert table. The cupcakes were perfect.
The cake balls were a big hit.
Don't you love a good party? I love party treats!

Pink Hearts

I made these perfectly pink meringue hearts for Valentine's Day. It was months ago, but I wanted to show them off. It's too humid here to try these in the summer, it will be so fun to do them again when the weather is dryer.

August 19, 2010

Summer Berries

I'm not sure which cookie maker did these first, I saw them online somewhere, but I had to try them.
I love the strawberries with the little white blossoms!
The blueberries, raspberries, and cherries are just so summery! They are bite-sized and so fun to make!

Kansas Rivals

Can't do a batch of Kansas cookies without something K-State and KU. I'm working on some more designs for Kansas college fans, but these were a good start.

I really love the sunflowers. They're so happy! This batch had almond flavor in the dough and vanilla in the icing. The kiddos liked these flavors even better than the lemon and they dissapeared fast!

The Ones That Started It All

Tyler requested Eagle cookies for his Eagle Court of Honor so I searched the library and all over the internet for a good Eagle design. I got some good suggestions and ideas and these are what I ended up making. They were really fun to do and sparked my obsessive cookie making. I also made flags and stars and they were all lemon cookies with lemon icing.

I also made super cute mini cupcakes. They were white cake, filled with lemon curd, frosted with buttercream. To up the cute factor, I printed little graphics of the Boy Scout Rank patches and made them into picks. They were so fantastic! And I was so focused on the Eagle cookies, I forgot to take a picture of them! You can see them in the background in this picture.

I made Cake Pops with red, white, & blue sprinkles, put my apothecary jars along the back filled with red candies, and used my 4th of July star-shaped bowls to hold more red, white, and blue candies.

The dessert table was so much fun to put together! I got so many compliments, I'm thinking I could do more of this! (And I'm so proud of Tyler!)

More Ice Cream

I played around with some more designs. I love the apple with a bite taken out of it! These were all lemon flavored cookies with lemon icing. De-li-cious!

Jesse's Cookies

These cookies were for Jesse & Justin. I like how the cupcakes turned out. And the J's are upside-down candy canes! This dino was so fun. No one wanted to eat him, he was so cute!

Cookies for the Cousins

My sister, Amy, the Queen of all Frosted Things, was here for a couple weeks and we had a few cookie making days. I learned some tricks from her and the kids all had fun eating their own creations. These are what we made together. The mini cupcakes and the ice cream cones with sprinkles are my favorites, but the dinosaur and princess crowns were a big hit with the kids. I boxed up some of these and sent them to another sister in Boston and she loved them!

I'm Going Live!

This a little experiment for me. Encouraged by my wonderful family, and obsessed with decorated cookies, I'm starting this blog to show some of my recent baking projects and to put my contact info out there to start taking orders! Gulp.