September 18, 2016

Back to School Cookies

There are so many great cookie designs with a back to school theme. This year, I choose to go with a clever little bookworm, a shiny gold star, and some fancy red apples. Then I added some chalkboard cookies and painted on the the chalk writings.
This is one of my favorite sets and I think they made some kids really happy!

September 17, 2016

Samples for Summer Cookie Decorating Classes

Father's Day cookies! Here's the samples for the class. (sorry about the bad phone pics)
Private cookie decorating parties are fun for work groups or birthdays or just a friends night out. We did this set a couple times this summer for some great groups.

September 15, 2016

More Girly BYU Cookies

So here's my favorite BYU set with a few slight changes. I have a new confetti stencil (which I LOVE) that was perfect in blue and silver.
The oval Y logos are also stenciled with a tiny paw print background. Makes them even more adorable!
I ♥︎ BYU!


I did this order for a party to celebrate a preschool teacher's 20 years of teaching. They requested pink and red flowers so I got to pull out a variety of flower shape cutters. It was fun to add all the details to each flower and then I sprayed them with some simmer to give them a little shine.

Canning Jar Mother's Day Cookies

These were some options for Mother's Day sets this year.
The berries and daisies are so cute together!